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Guide To Your Event on The River Queen

We're here to answer your most frequently asked questions for planning an event aboard the River Queen.

Let's begin on the main deck!

The Main Deck: Ideal for dining and photo booths! (Dining Tables + Buffet + Fully Stocked Bar + Restrooms)

Our main deck houses eight 10'x2' tables, that seat ten to twelve passengers depending on the size of the group and style of service (Riverboat Style or Traditional). The buffet table is 10' long, while pasta or carving stations are 5' long.

Now, let's talk a little bit more about the two event styles we offer. Riverboat style events center around a relaxed, informal style of dining, in which guests prepare their plates and sit or mingle wherever their heart desires. Traditional style events, on the other hand, involves formal seating (we ask that you provide a seating chart if you would like seating to be assigned) and place settings. If the guest chooses to have a sweetheart , it will be 5' long.

The main deck is also the perfect place for a photo booth; fitting neatly where the last row of tables would normally go. This is ideal if you have a lower guest count and can sacrifice the extra seating. Alternatively, photo booths may be placed upstairs across from the cake table.

Now on to the upper deck!

The Upper Deck: Ideal for festivities, photo booths, extra seating and ceremonies! (Bar + Event Space)

Our upper deck houses four 5' long tables and one 9' long table. Finger food tables can be 5' or 10' long depending on the number of guests. The cake table is 5' long (we recommend not placing balloons on the cake cake, due to the breeze that may come in when the doors are open).

Ceremonies take place in front of the doorway leading out to our stern viewing deck. The doorway can accommodate garlands up to 18' long (there is a plug to allow the use of string lights within the garland with a 10' extension cord, if desired).

The upper deck is also a wonderful place to place a flower wall or photo booth for your guests to enjoy, especially during daytime cruises where lighting is plentiful!

There are 6 lanterns on the upper deck and 6 on the lower deck, which can be adorned with bows. Both levels also have hooks on the back windows to hang wreaths, decor, photos and the like!

But wait, there's more!

Dos and Don'ts: Guidelines for a successful event.

Keeping in mind that the boat is constructed from wood, it is in constant motion and there are beautiful breezes running through the cabin; we have compiled a helpful list of dos and don'ts to ensure your event goes smoothly.

Protect Our Vessel: To avoid damage to the mahogany and to keep our decks clean, we don't allow the use of bubbles or the throwing of confetti / flower petals. We also ask that you don't tape, tack or nail anything to the boat.

Candles: While unity candles are permitted during ceremonies and birthday candles are permitted on cakes, centerpieces may only make use of battery operated candles to avoid becoming a fire hazard.

Chair Covers: Chair covers aren't included in any of our packages, so guests will need to provide their own or make use of a vendor. If you or your vendor will be providing chair covers, you must ensure that two people are available to put the chair covers on; keeping in mind that spandex chair covers take 1-2 minutes per chair. You or your vendor may arrive 1.5 hours prior to departure to complete this. If you are providing your own covers, our staff will remove them at the end of the night for pickup the following day.

Guest Arrival Time: Please have your guests arrive prior to your "sail time". We will begin boarding approximately 15 minutes prior to departure in general, but surprise parties typically board 20 minutes early to allow for the big surprise! Keep this in mind if traveling from a ceremony location. Ample parking is available for trolleys or limos.

Decorating the Dock: Simplicity is king and our dock provides its own charms; however, you may adorn the dock with signage or decorations such as bows, garlands, or floral arrangements. Just keep in mind the ocean breeze and the fact that we do not allow anything to be nailed to the pilings.

Bud Vases: The River Queen has twenty-two 9" bud vases, weighed down with glass beads for your use. Flowers are typically pre-arranged and wired with 6" stems. If you need vases, please inform the office so that we can prepare them prior to your arrival.

Centerpieces: You want your centerpieces to withstand the breeze and the motion of the boat, so we recommend you avoid anything too top-heavy or light. Long and low is usually best, but the possibilities are endless! Feel free to look through our website for inspiration.

Favors: While not the only way to distribute your favors, a great way to give to your guests is in person as you big them farewell upon our arrival back at the dock!

The River Queen

800 Ashley Avenue, Brielle, NJ 08730

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