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Weddings on The River (Queen): Danielle & Daniel 2023

Updated: Feb 20

"We got married on the River Queen this summer and it was truly a beautiful day. The staff were so accommodating and attentive especially with a few hiccups. Multiple people raved about the cocktail hour sushi and overall food. The cruise was so unique and guests really enjoyed being outside on the water. 10/10 would recommend a wedding on the boat if you’re looking for a rockstar staff and a different venue that will be so memorable to you and your guests!" - Danielle

Step into a world of nautical romance and seaside charm with the River Queen as your exclusive wedding backdrop. Nestled along the picturesque Jersey Shore, this venue promises a wedding experience like no other. Imagine exchanging vows as the gentle breeze carries the essence of the sea, creating a magical atmosphere that lingers in the hearts of both you and your guests. Beyond the enchanting setting of the River Queen, the surrounding local parks and landmarks provide a perfect canvas for pre-wedding or engagement photos. Picture-perfect moments await just moments away from our dock, adding a touch of natural beauty to your love story.

Now, let's dive into Danielle and Danielle's wedding from the summer of 2023! Their celebration was painted with stunning colors like gold, green, white, and seafoam. The whole venue transformed into an elegant masterpiece, thanks to their creativity and the expertise of Massa Planning. Every detail, big or small, was perfectly crafted to bring Danielle and Danielle's vision to life.

A special shout-out to photographer Adam Okimatsu for capturing the beauty of the day. Every smile, every laugh, and every tender moment were skillfully preserved, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

As you plan your own wedding, let Danielle and Danielle's story serve as an inspiration! The River Queen offers a unique and unforgettable experience. With its charm and the skills of our wonderful vendors, your wedding day can be a beautiful chapter against the stunning backdrop of the Jersey Shore!

Windswept, Riverfront Vows

Elegant, Gorgeously Arranged Decor

Decadent Delights from Chocolate Carousel

Travel by Trolley with Long Branch Trolley

Pre-Wedding Wonder at Riverfront Park

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