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Experience the Elegance of a Jersey Shore River Cruise Wedding at a Price Point You'll Fall in Love With

If you have you ever thought to yourself "A wedding on the water couldn't possibly be within my budget," think again!

For every couple, the wedding day is a dream come true, a moment where every detail must be perfect. Yet, amidst the excitement and anticipation, the budget can often loom as a daunting constraint or point of stress. However, there's a hidden gem that promises an enchanting experience without breaking the bank—the River Queen!

Nestled upon the serene, inland waters connecting Point Pleasant, Manasquan, and Brielle, the River Queen stands as a beacon of elegance and affordability. Our unique river cruise event venue offers a splendid alternative to traditional wedding locales, providing an unforgettable setting for couples who refuse to compromise on experience or aesthetic.

What sets the River Queen apart is its commitment to catering to every couple's vision, with special consideration to promote accessibility. With all-inclusive packages that can be tailored to suit individual preferences, there's no need to worry about unreasonably priced entry points. Whether they dream of a lavish banquet or a simplistic affair, the dedicated staff at the River Queen are poised to bring their vision to life in the most memorable way possible.

Of course, the allure of the River Queen extends well beyond its affordability. Imagine exchanging vows amidst the gentle rhythm of the river, surrounded by the panoramic views of the tranquil waters and lush landscapes the Jersey Shore is known for. Cruising through this picturesque location, gently gliding along calm waters, adds an extra layer of charm and romance to the festivities.

With two floors, three viewing decks, a dedicated caterer and two fully stocked bars, the River Queen offers ample space for guests to mingle, dance, and revel in the joyous occasion. Guests are treated to a unique experience, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

For budget-conscious couples unwilling to sacrifice on the experience or aesthetic of their special day, the River Queen emerges as the perfect venue. With its all-inclusive packages, customizable options, and breathtaking setting, it offers an unparalleled combination of affordability and luxury. Say "I do" aboard the River Queen, where dreams meet reality, and love sets sail on a journey to remember.

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The River Queen

800 Ashley Avenue, Brielle, New Jersey 08730

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